Come on an adventure with us !

Hey Lucky Navigators! Welcome to my new blog! I’ll be sharing my adventures, travel guides, and my tips and tricks for traveling – as well as art, diy’s and fashion inspiration. I have a lot of personal interests and passions, and I’d love to share them all with you- and maybe even inspire you along the way!

I’ve travelled to 17 different countries (and counting) and I can’t wait to take you on more adventures with me! For my next trip, I’ll be staying in my home country of Canada, and passing through into the U.S. on a road trip out East! When I was younger, I endured a grand tour out west with my parents and my three other siblings & made SO many memories. Sure there was a lot of arguing which is expected when you jam 6 people in a car for a couple weeks, but the sites we saw and experienced were amazing and definitely worth it. This time, it will be my first trip out East, and I’ll be navigating with my favourite travel buddy, Dan! Dan is my best friend and travel buddy, as well as my boyfriend. We have been together for over 4.5 years, so I consider him more then just a boyfriend, and more of my partner in life. Follow us along the way through my instagram daily updates, and check back to this blog for tips & guides!


I’m such a planner when it comes to traveling and trips, but we are leaving a lot of this trip up to the winds and seeing where the road takes us! Have I mentioned that we are hitting the road tomorrow?! Wish us luck ~

First stop- Montreal! Stay tuned!





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